Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most dangerous forms of transportation, especially because the motorcyclist lacks the protection that a passenger vehicle offers. Without these safeguards, motorcyclists are prone to severe injury or death, including:

  • Burn injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Loss-of-limb injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

The leading cause of motorcycle accidents is the passenger vehicle driver’s inability to see the motorcycle. Other common scenarios include:

  • Passenger vehicle driver failing to check blind spot before changing lanes
  • Passenger vehicle driver failing to yield right-of-way to a motorcycle
  • Passenger vehicle driver entering an intersection into the path of a motorcycle

When you or a loved one is hurt in a motorcycle accident, the aftermath of the incident affects every aspect of your life. Along with the agony of dealing with enormous medical expenses, you also have to deal with lost wages, the devastating pain and suffering you have endured, and possibly repairing or replacing your motorcycle. While motorcycles are held to the same standards, laws, and protections as passenger vehicles, in Arizona there are some unique requirements that are motorcycle-specific.

Our attorneys have helped many motorcyclists come out from under their accidents. We have worked with numerous motorcyclists, and understand and appreciate how a leisurely ride can turn chaotic and violent in an instant. After seeking the necessary medical care, contact an attorney that is skilled in motorcycle accidents, specifically personal injury or wrongful death. The attorney should comfort you during this difficult period, and help you in taking the next steps.

At Sparks Law Group we take your case seriously. Along with investigating each incident, we also take (or access) photos of the accident scene, interview witnesses, reconstruct the conditions of the scene that led to the accident, and even work with engineers, doctors, and other experts when necessary. We are here for you, and want to help you obtain the maximum amount of monetary compensation that is available. Call Sparks Law Group so we can help you protect and preserve all of your legal rights and remedies.