Auto Accidents

Auto accidents can result from a variety of situations, and often times the injured person has done nothing wrong. Additionally, auto accidents are commonly accompanied by immense medical expenses, extensive property damage, and an inability to work. You may still be in great physical and emotional pain from the accident, perhaps bed ridden at home or in a hospital. You may have missed several weeks of work, with no more vacation time to spare; or maybe you tried going back to work, only to realize you are physically unable to keep up. You are anxiously overwhelmed trying to answer phone calls and respond to emails, from family, friends, your employer, the police, insurance companies, and bill collectors. How do you attain money from the person responsible for the accident, while continuing to seek medical attention and taking care of your family? How do you find the money and the time to deal with these issues, while simultaneously getting back on the road to recovery?

At Sparks Law Group we understand that this is an exceptionally difficult time in your life, and that is why we are here to advocate for you and your goals, while pursuing the best possible resolution for your case. We are dedicated to each and every client and recognize your unique questions, concerns, and comfortableness with your timeline and expenses. As a group of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, we are confident in our ability to work through your case from beginning to end.

Whatever the cause of the accident may be, whether it involves reckless drivers, drunk drivers, pedestrians, distracted teenage drivers, or elderly drivers practicing unsafe driving habits, it is important that you consult with an experienced Arizona attorney as soon after the incident as possible.

Retaining one of Sparks Law Group’s highly skilled auto accident lawyers allows us to:

  • Preserve the necessary evidence from your accident
  • Acquire photos of the scene
  • Begin interviewing witnesses while the details are clear in their minds.

You will be represented by some of Arizona’s most valuable attorneys that are dedicated to helping their clients recover the compensation their clients deserve and resolving cases in a timely manner. At Sparks Law Group, we value all of our clients and are eager to assist you during this difficult time.