James D. Sparks 

Areas of Practice

  • Auto accidents can result from a variety of situations, and often times the injured person has done nothing wrong. Additionally, auto accidents are commonly accompanied by immense medical expenses, extensive property damage, and an inability to work.
  • Motorcycle accidents are held to the same standards, laws, and protections as passenger vehicles, in Arizona there are some unique requirements that are motorcycle-specific.
  • Trucking Accidents – Although the truck driver or trucking company is not always the party at fault, often times they are in the position to prevent the accident from happening. Truck drivers work long, strenuous days, and face strict deadlines.
  • Bicycle Accidents – Bicyclists endure many painful, and sometimes life-long, injuries because of other motorists’ negligence. Cyclists’ injuries can stem anywhere from cuts and burns, to traumatic brain injuries and loss of limbs.
  • Pedestrian Accidents – In Arizona, pedestrian involved accidents have increased as the population has gone up. Some of the most harrowing accidents are those when a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle; pedestrians are completely blindsided and have nothing to physically protect them from the impact.
  • Boat Accidents – Arizona is a beautifully warm place to live, so the weather allows for an unusually long season for water sports and, unfortunately, water sports injuries. The many lakes in Arizona become overcrowded with people, boats, boards, and skis.
  • Dogs Bites – Dogs are some of the most loveable animals that walk among us – they are in fact a man’s best friend. But, no matter how innocent the dog might be, often times the dog owners are the problem.
  • Wrongful Death – Losing someone by natural causes is in and of itself unbelievably painful, but losing a loved one because of another person’s carelessness is especially tragic. Wrongful death cases usually deal with an unintentional death caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness.
  • Catastrophic Injuries – The broad category of “catastrophic injuries” is an umbrella term for an expansive group of extremely serious injuries that immensely and permanently alter a person’s life. Most of these incidents are freak accidents that happen in an instant, resulting in paralysis, brain damage, amputation, disfigurement, psychological disorders, and many other injuries.
  • Injuries to Minors – One of the more tragic accidents in the world we live in is when a minor is seriously injured or dies. Children are the future of our world and it is our responsibility to take care of them. Many of the accidents that minors are involved in could have been prevented.
  • Premises Liability Landlords, businesses, and homeowners are responsible for keeping their property reasonably safe for visitors. If someone is injured on another’s property, the victim has rights and may be able to pursue a claim.