Bicycle Accidents

Most collisions between motor vehicles and bicycles are preventable. Unfortunately, most of these accidents result in the bicyclist experiencing painful cuts, bruises, broken bones, burn, and many other injuries, all at the fault of auto and truck drivers, or even other bicyclists. Bicyclists are usually only protected by their helmets, leaving the rest of their bodies exposed to dangerous liabilities.

Often times these accidents are caused by someone’s negligence. Other than an equipment problem or the bicyclist’s error, fault can usually be attributed to motor vehicle drivers that claim not to have seen the bicyclist.

Other common reasons for bicycle accidents are:

  • Cyclists getting hit by a car door when drivers get out of their cars without looking
  • Cyclists get side-swiped by cars and trucks
  • Cyclists get hit by drivers who fail to yield or make those that make a left turn in the bicycle’s path
  • Inattention, distraction, recklessness, and speeding
  • Cyclists get hit by objects thrown at them by drivers
  • Drivers honking their horns at cyclists in an unreasonable manner
  • Motorists driving treacherously close to cyclists

Bicyclists endure many painful, and sometimes life-long, injuries because of other motorists’ negligence. Cyclists’ injuries can stem anywhere from cuts and burns, to traumatic brain injuries and loss of limbs. Theses injuries require endless visits to doctors’ offices and hospitals, ambulance bills, surgery expenses, physical therapy costs, and other future (and sometimes unexpected) medical expenses. Along with the cyclist’s personal medical bills, the bicycle also either needs to be repaired or replaced, the cyclist may no longer be able to engage in work, and the bicyclist is stripped of his/her hobby, which adds additional stress to the situation.

These catastrophic incidents leave an impact on bicyclists forever. If you or a loved one has experienced the trauma of a bicycle accident, we urge you to contact Sparks Law Group as soon as possible. At Sparks Law Group, we have extensive experience handling all types of bicycle accidents, anything from an injured cyclist’s claim to the surviving family’s wrongful death actions. We understand the vast affects a bicycle accident can have on the cyclist and his/her family, and our primary goal is do most of the heavy lifting, which allows you to take the time and effort to heal. The skilled attorneys at Sparks Law Group are prepared to make sure the party at fault pays our clients for the physical and emotional damage caused from the accident.