Going green with construction waste

One thing that is rarely discussed in the construction industry is how construction waste is to be addressed in a sustainable sort of way but more efforts are being made lately to curtail this large issue. One way that we have been addressing this is by building differently. Modular building is one example of that.

By most accounts the construction waste stream is very, very big. And, it’s not just all the waste from new construction, but also what’s coming from remodeling and repurposing buildings.

Every time a sledge hammer bashes through cabinets, or a waiting dumpster receives a window that could serve a new purpose elsewhere, it shows just how wasteful society has become. Waste from construction is filling up landfills faster than municipalities can dig them, and, it is stealing huge amounts of time, labor and energy in the process.

There are however, many ways to reduce all the  waste, and people throughout the industry are adopting them with some very successful results. For example, there are now many opportunities to reuse or repurpose fixtures. There is also a strong movement afoot to recycle. And, many owners and construction pros are finding ways to reduce the material requirements of buildings.

The secret to all of this is, planning. Forethought and lead time create many opportunities that you’ll never get from rushing.

Construction Waste Infographic

The people over at ModSpace might be on to something as their infographic suggests – building with modular components can take a bite out of waste. After you get the basics from the infographic you can get even more information on this topic by using the links at the bottom.

construction waste inforgraphic

For more depth on the construction waste stream check out these other articles that Construction Informer has published.

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Source: http://constructioninformer.com/2016/03/03/modular-construction-promises-less-construction-waste/

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